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Combat 3
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Exciting online game shooter with team battles, against real rivals. Join the already created map or create your own and fight with the opponents in big skirmishes for the title of the best player. Magnificent three-dimensional FPS shooter Combat 3 from the first person in the Counter Strike style. There are many servers and a huge number of players from all over the world. Choose the color of your team and start the battle. Find a new weapon, except for the pistol and knife, which you have in the beginning. Shoot accurately, do not let yourself be shot down by the enemy and lead your team to victory over the rival.
Join one of the cards and open fire on the players from the opposite team. The more murders, the better! Fight with different players from all over the world on famous maps, where on the ground are many types of weapons, ranging from a pistol to an RPG. Feel the spirit of war and fight for leadership in the leaderboard. Every shot in the head is a work of art. Double murder, triple murder, rage! Kill all enemies and dominate in the Combat 3 game! Have fun as it should!

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