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Drunken Wrestlers
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Fighting with simple rules and conventional drawing graphics Drunken Wrestlers, which, despite its primitiveness, will attract your attention for a long time. You will go to the ring and you will see there two fighters who decided to find out on the fists, which of them is steeper and stronger. They will fight to the last, and the winner will be the one who will dump his opponent and cause the most injuries. Choose the main character and help him wrest the victory from the hands of the opponent. For this it is necessary to hold out for several fights and not to give slack in any of them. Although these fights last only for 5 minutes, we can not say that they are simple and win easily. In Drunken Wrestlers you can very quickly fall off your feet and get a powerful blow to the body, because this does not happen in any case, you need to be very careful and attentive, confidently striking the opponent. Use special punches and then everything will turn out the best way.
Sometimes virtual entertainment does not need to be fantastic to win the attention of the public. Take, for example, Drunken Wrestlers with minimalistic graphics and simple rules. You will find yourself in the ring and you will see two wrestlers, who hardly stand on their feet. They have to fight in the ring, the one who will knock the opponent off his feet or cause more injuries will win. Choose a character and help him win, for a unanimous victory and rewards you need to hold out for five fights. They last long, but still they can not be called easy. You can easily fall down or get a powerful blow to the head, so that this does not happen, be careful and do not relax until you become a winner. And to quickly dump the opponent, use special techniques.

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