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Broforce is a magnificent parody of the famous heroes. In the fashion were brave guys, such as Terminator or Rambo. Add to these names the prefix Bro and get the name of the parody of your favorite movies.
The characters have to go through the test with a long battle, and one bonus attack. The second battle will be more ambitious and will require maximum exertion. Crush everything you want. In your arsenal there are weapons for melee. The full version of Broforce has many interesting features. These include the ability to hide in thickets of grass, attracting enemies with a special signal for the purpose of deceptive maneuver, burning bridges and so on. The resources of the fighters are excellent. These strong guys can survive a small explosion, perform complex tricks, jump high and fall without much health consequences. Learn the abilities of each character in order to fight as effectively as possible, but keep it from enemy bullets. One accurate hit, and your brave will die.
In a single game, you need to reach the save point. If you do not have time to do this and the character has died, you will have to pass the level anew. Broforce allows you to entertain simultaneously at once to four gamers. You can do this on PC or on the network. In the command version you can help the deceased and deceased friends from captivity. According to the rules of the game, only the death of the whole detachment is considered a loss. Come in and start playing!

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