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Turbo Dismount
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Split the car into binges, especially if it's the latest model, it's just unrealistically cool. Not every day you can afford this. Playing online for free in the Turbo Dismount machine crushing can be every 2 minutes. After all, the main purpose of this game is to break the car so that it can not be recognized. The player has to reproduce an intentional traffic accident, in which you must break the car to the maximum. It is necessary to try all possible ways to destroy the wheelbarrow: crash into the concrete wall, at high speed do not fit into the turn or try to go to the oncoming lane, where an incredible flow of cars. The more damage, the more points will be scored and then you can take the first place in the ranking.
Plant your Turbo Dismount character in any transport: car, motorcycle or bicycle and press on the gas. The point here is simple, the worse your hero has, the more rewarding you are waiting for at the end of each level. On the way of the character, there are not a single dozen obstacles and dangers, such as springboards, brick walls, spikes, cliffs and much more. You need to arrange a clash, and the more crushing you are, the better. You are waiting for no level, and several dozen, if you have already managed to pass everything, then create your own level full of surprises and obstacles.

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