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Skate hooligans
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In Skate Hooligans, you accidentally broke the window and immediately a policeman appeared. He wants to catch you and fined you. If parents learn about the incident, then you will get good from them. So the only way out is to escape. Especially with you your favorite skate.
The situation is complicated by the fact that you are in a busy area of ​​the city, and on your way there will be various obstacles. Managing your character, try to go around, jump or bend over and overcome the obstacle. During the game, collect the coins that you find on the way. For them you can buy a new skate or various improvements that will allow you to escape further.
In addition, having achieved certain successes Skate Hooligans game, you can change not only the skate, but also the character. In order to escape from the police you will need to show a speed of reaction and attentiveness. Maneuvering among cars, buses and trams, you need to escape as far as possible.

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