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Run 3
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Run 3 is a special runner that is different from all other games. Here, you will be somewhere in space, and your heroes will be alien monsters. In outer space, there are long tunnels, along which it is necessary to run. The game consists of as many as 10 levels, in each of which, there are many sublevels. In the beginning, you only have one monster, which has no special abilities, it slowly runs and weakly jumps. The more you walk through, the more terrain you will discover on the map. With each level you pass, you will discover a new character with new abilities. Run forward through the tunnels, jump and move from one side of the movement to the other. Running will be difficult, because the floor and walls in front of you will be in holes that need to jump over. One awkward movement and your character will fly out of the corridor into the open space. Play Run 3, explore new places, unlock new alien monsters and go to the store to see prices for costumes and bonuses. Set your personal record in infinite mode and become the best runner!

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This is an exciting flash drive that you can play for free online, right in your browser. The game uses Adobe Flash Player technology to work without problems in all modern browsers. The game Run 3 received a rating of 3 out of 5, and 1 person voted. Did you like Run 3? We recommend to see more others, such as Ashley Space Girl and Star Collections.